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Monsters, Monsters, Attack!

A full 750ml of Monster Mayhem bottled up for far too long breaks and takes over the unsuspecting city. Trixie and Tessa's middle names are danger and adventure but is the maelstrom released by the raging beast too fierce to be calmed by their charms? Will they arrive in time or will a deadly rage be realised.

Variety / Vintage
    2019 Clare Valley Riesling

2 vineyards, one on Slaughter House Road, just north of us (it's been in every vintage since 2009) and one in Watervale (just north of the township). Fruit picked (it helps to get it from the vineyard this way), this year we destemmed and crushed before pressing. We separated the pressings fraction (as we've always done, pretty low actually, around 500l/tonne), free run was fermented cool - like 12 degrees and we arrested the ferments at close enough to 15g/l of sugar...

Other bits and pieces
    Vegetarians - we've got you covered, it's OK to sip on these without compromise.
    Alcohol = 10.5% (Vol/Vol)
    pH = 2.95
    Titratable Acidity = 7.2g/L
    Residual Sugar = 15g/L



Monsters, Monsters, Attack!

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